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Common Fault Detection and Maintenance of Concrete Mixing Plant

First, the concrete mixing Plant powder feed slowly


Screw feeding is very slow, feeding time of more than 2 minutes, while the normal feeding in 20 seconds.

Cause Analysis:

The main influencing factors are poor material feeding and screw conveyor damage. The performance of the powder material is not smooth, such as powder arching, material agglomeration at the outlet of the powder material canister, the opening of the discharge butterfly valve is too small and the material in the powder material tank is insufficient. While the screw conveyor
Damage is mainly spiral deformation of the blade, can not be normal delivery.


1, open the gas blowing arch breaking device.

2, check the powder discharge valve discharge valve opening, and make the disc valve in full open position.

3, check whether the material at the outlet of the powder tank agglomeration.

4, check the screw blade deformation, such as the deformation is removed correction or replacement.

Second, the belt deviation


Belt conveyor in the no-load or load operation, to the side of the deviation or for a while and the left run for a while and the right to run the phenomenon, causing leakage of material, equipment, abnormal wear and damage, reduce productivity, but also affect the package The device works properly.

Cause Analysis:

The force exerted by the tape on the tape width direction is not zero or is perpendicular to the tensile stress unevenness in the tape width direction. As a result of the tape deviation factors are many, it should be from the conveyor design, manufacture, installation, use and maintenance to address tape deviation, such as tape on both sides of the tightness is not the same, the tape on both sides of the level is not , Such as roller stand and other equipment is not installed with the tape running direction of the vertical cross-section will cause belt deviation.


1, adjust the tension mechanism

Tape running, if in the case of no-load and heavy-duty deviation to the same side, indicating the tension on both sides of the tape is not the same; if the tape left and right deviation and no fixed direction, then tape relaxation, tension should be adjusted mechanism.

2, adjust the drum method

If the tape at the drum at the deviation, indicating the installation of the cylinder less than the level of the drum axial movement, or one end of the roller at the front end in the back. In this case, the level and parallelism of the drum should be corrected.

3, adjust the roller bracket (or rack) method

If the tape is always skewed to one side under no load, move the roller support bracket in the running direction of the tape 1-2 cm, or raise the other side roller bracket (or frame) appropriately .

4, remove sticky method

If the roller, roller part of the material on the stick, will make the diameter of the increase, resulting in the increase of the tape tension, resulting in deviation. Should be promptly clean up the adhesion of the material.

5, adjust the gravity method

If the tape does not run in the no-load, and the total side to the side of heavy load deviation, indicating the tape has been partial load. Should adjust the location of the hopper or tape machine, so that the tape are loaded to prevent deviation.

6, adjust the tape method

If the edge of the tape is badly worn or the tape seams are not parallel, the tension on both sides of the tape will be inconsistent. The tape should be repaired or replaced.

7, installation of offset roller method

If the conveyor is installed on several sets of self-aligning roller (flat roller or groove roller), which can automatically correct the tape deviation phenomenon. For example: when the belt deviation and a side of the small roller friction occurs, the side of the bracket should move along the direction of tape movement, the other side that is relatively backward movement, when the tape will move toward the rear The roller side to move back until the normal position.

8, the installation limit roller method

If the tape to the side of the total deviation, can be installed on the side of the deviation of the vertical roller frame; so that on the one hand can force the mandatory mandatory reduction, on the other hand vertical roller can reduce the tension side of the tape, so that The tape moves to the other side.

Third, aggregate feed door card material


Ingredients Station stone feed pneumatic door stuck stoned not open.

Cause Analysis:

Dosing station pneumatic door has a large gap door and a small gap door, large gap door its gap is greater than the average stone particle size, and thus does not appear card material. Small gap between the door of its general 5 ~ 10mm, 10mm below the stones stuck into the gap, it is difficult to jam the pneumatic door. , So that the pneumatic door can not be opened.


Check the pneumatic door clearance and adjust to the appropriate value, such as excessive wear can not be adjusted to the appropriate value, you need to add the material in the mouth of the steel plate or round steel, the gap to a reasonable value.

4, conveying powder to the tank, the tank top to take ash


Bulk cement truck to the powder tank pump ash process, the cement tank top powder out.

Cause Analysis:

Powder is sent to the powder tank is compressed air transport, compressed air to the powder material to the powder tank, the top of the tank through the top of the filter into the air, such as dust filter plug, the compressed air can not be discharged in time "Hold pressure", when the pressure reaches the tank top safety valve opening pressure, the safety valve open, compressed air and powder discharged through the safety valve to the atmosphere, resulting in gray phenomenon. Another failure due to level meter, powder filling to continue feeding, there will be tank top gray phenomenon.


1, check the tank top dust filter and clean up the situation.

2, once the phenomenon of ashes, you must clean up the powder around the safety valve to prevent the powder was wet rain agglomeration block clogging the safety valve.

3, as a result of powder filled with too full and take the ashes, you must check the material level to take into account the full alarm device reliability.

5, belts skid the rainy day


On rainy days, the skid belt slips with load.

Cause Analysis:

On the rainy day, the moisture in the aggregate and the exposed parts of the belt are easy to be damp. The moisture of the belt, especially the inner ring, reduces the coefficient of friction between the belt and the drive drum. The torque is less than that of the belt material. When the required torque is delivered, the belt slips.


1, increase the belt tensioning device weight or tighten the belt adjustment screw, increasing the positive pressure between the belt and the drum, so as to achieve the transmission roller and the friction between the belt.

2, adjust the tension roller near the drive drum, increasing the belt in the drum on the drive angle, increasing friction.

3, in the transmission roller coating layer cut straight slot, increasing the friction coefficient.

4, if the first three methods can not be resolved, you need to replace the anti-skid roller.

6, admixture pump is not on


Admixture pump pump work is not on the admixture.

Cause Analysis:

1, admixture pump there are bubbles.

2, lack of material in the additive box.

3, impeller pump impeller damage.


1, open the admixture exhaust hole screw, remove the additives in the bubble.

2, add additives to the external additive box.

3, check the situation impeller impeller, as the case replacement parts.

7, belt damage


Using one end of time, the belt surface degumming, cracking, scratching and so on.

Cause Analysis:

If the metal belt cleaning device is not timely adjusted, easy to damage the belt, causing the belt surface rubber fall off. Sweepers are not installed correctly, and sharper crushed stones can damage the belt between scavengers. Belt itself is not good quality, but also prone to these shortcomings.


Once the belt degumming, cracking, scratches and other defects, should be repaired in time. When the belt damage, we must first address the factors that cause damage to the belt, such as cleaning device damage, you need to immediately adjust or replace the cleaning device, and then repair the belt in time. Belt damage is very small, can be used on-site repair patch belt repair. When the belt damage surface of the larger or local damage is serious, the local injury can be cut off the belt, replace a belt, with curing machine for cementing. If the belt damage is not treated in time, the damage spread to the entire belt, there is no repair value, only the entire replacement.

8, belt conveyor aggregate uneven phenomenon:

Aggregate said the discharge of the material onto the belt accumulation, resulting in bulk material belt, belt conveyor belt or a vacancy, resulting in pebble bulk.

Cause Analysis:

The sequence and time interval for the discharge of various aggregates onto the belt can be adjusted at any time. General discharge order requires the final discharge aggregate for the sand, unloading time interval requirements for the former aggregate falls on the belt just after the end of the aggregate fell on the belt with the head coincidence. If the time interval is too short, the former aggregate and the latter aggregate have overlapping stack material, stacking material will cause too much bulk material, such as the time interval is too large, then the middle of two aggregate space, the former If the material is gravel, it will roll on the belt and scattered down.


1, adjust the aggregate discharge sequence to ensure that the sand for the final discharge.

2, according to the distribution of aggregate on the belt to adjust the discharge time interval of various aggregates to ensure that the material on the belt continuous, uniform distribution. Interval generally need to be adjusted several times.

3 concrete mixing plant troubleshooting method 9, gas source triple pressure relief valve can not be adjusted


The rotary pressure regulator adjusts the handwheel, but the pressure can not be adjusted.

Cause Analysis:

1, import and export of anti-pressure valve installed anti-direction.

2, plug on the spool or spool on the foreign body sliding parts of the jammed.

3, Regulating spring, reset spring, diaphragm, spool rubber pad and other damage.


1, check the import and export of valve installation direction is correct.

2, dismantling check spool and related parts, and clean up the debris on the parts.

3, if damaged by the parts, then replace the valve.

Nine, the gas source in the three-piece oil mist device does not drop oil or drop oil is too small


Compressed air flows, but the oil mist does not drip or drip very little.

Cause Analysis:

1, the direction of import and export of oil mist mounted.

2, the oil jams.

3, oiling plug gasket damage or oil cup sealing gasket damage, so that the oil cup on the cavity can not be pressurized.

4, gas channel blockage, oil cup cavity is not pressurized.

5, the throttle is not open or open enough.

6, the viscosity of the oil too.


1 Check the direction of oil mist inlet and outlet installation.

2, stop gas, break up, clean the oil duct; replacement gasket and seal; clean gas channel.

3, adjust the throttle opening.

4, change the viscosity of the smaller lubricants.

10, air compressor starts frequently


In the course of work, air compressor frequent start.

Cause Analysis:

1, air compressor pressure is too small.

2, the gas system serious air leakage.


1, check the air compressor and adjust the pressure difference, generally 0.2MPa.

2, check whether the air-tightness of the gas system to meet the requirements, and leak parts for processing.

11, the magnetic switch on the cylinder can not be closed or sometimes can not be closed


When the cylinder closed or opened in place, the magnet close to the resignation switch, but the switch is not closed or sometimes can not be closed.

Cause Analysis:

1, power failure

2, bad wiring

3, the magnetic switch installation position offset

4, the cylinder around a strong magnetic field

5, the cylinder temperature is too high or magnetic switch parts temperature is higher than 70 degrees

6, the magnetic switch by the impact of reduced sensitivity

7, the magnetic switch instantaneous through a large current and disconnected


1, check the power supply is normal

2, check the wiring parts are loose

3, adjust the magnetic switch mounting position

4, plus magnetic plate

5, cooling

6, replace the magnetic switch
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